Clark's Virtual Resources

Welcome to Clark's Virtual Resources Page

As a library assistant and graduate student, I have amassed a wide and diverse array of articles, websites, blogs, and other Web 2.0 applications, providing me with a plethora of virtual resources. I intend to use this page as a means of offering a sampling of my web-based library, including links to my and refWorks accounts. I'm also willing to share my research interests and findings, as well as technology support for my fellow classmates.


This section contains links to websites dedicated to a wide range of topics. I've provided the web coordinates, along with a brief synopsis of the site.

BU Library 'Getting Help With Your Research' Page
Centre for Technology and School Change
Stanford Institute of Design K-12 Lab
PLENK 2010
Curriculum 21- Curriculum 21 is the outgrowth of the work of a dynamic group of educators worldwide attempting to help colleagues transform curriculum and school designs to match the needs of 21st century learners.
LION TV - - The Library Information literacy Online Network, or LION TV, is an Online Network devoted to helping you learn all about the world of Information. Whether you are wanting to learn how to do Research, use Google more effectively, understand what is an Authoritative web site, or learn about a myriad of issues related to Information (such as Privacy, Copyright, and Plagiarism); this ever growing network will assist you with your information needs.

Web Tools

The advent of Web 2.0 applications has allowed educators unprecedented access to collaborative tools that encourage and facilitate a cooperative, sharing online environment. These web tools include social bookmarking sites, RSS readers, and document sharing sites. Here are a few sites that fall into this type of open source software (OSS):

Brandon University - is an example of a social bookmarking site. Bookmarks can be categorized by tags, and can be shared with other individuals.
Google Docs - This is the link to Google Docs, an online word processing site dedicated to collaborative projects.
ZOHO Docs - Like Google Docs, ZOHO also allows for document sharing. This software also provides spreadsheet and presentation applications.


Here is a selection of articles that might prove beneficial as ancillary reading for this class:

Small Change: Why the revolution will not be tweeted - This article is hot off 'The New Yorker' press (if that's possible with an online piece). Malcolm Gladwell argues that social media is ideal for establishing networks of loosely affiliated individuals, but less viable for creating the deep commitments inherent in social movements.