Increasingly, North American society recognizes the value of creativity and hence, early, middle and senior years educators are being challenged to provide creative curricula. Art-integrated lessons infused into the curricula give teachers and students the freedom of creative enquiry for everyday problem solving. Moreover, through professional development in visual arts integration, educators gain personal confidence and assurance. With opportunities to share innovative ideas and practices, they develop confidence in their ability to create and implement personalized art-integrated lessons across the general curriculum using visual art techniques. In addition, an innovative art-based curricula has a long-term positive impact for a creative society.
North American Society needs creative individuals. Such persons can be developed through active participation in the arts. Achievement in art instills a pride of ownership and a personal sense of accomplishment in students. Student educators develop confidence in their ability to create and implement art-integrated lessons. Students engage in problem solving, critical awareness, and observation skills. They must collaborate within the social environment fostered by art-integrated curricula. It gives opportunity to engage in unique “hands-on” learning experiences. Learning about the traditional North American Aboriginal approaches to doing and thinking about art will also renew interest in the traditional people, whose life styles were based on living in harmony with nature.